You can contribute! If you come across anything that you want to share to the group and SLIS (and possibly the world and beyond) you have two ways to post on the blog:

  1. “Pretty Lady” Option– If you already have a WordPress account, you can be added to the blog author list as a contributer. Just send the email that you have on your WP profile to and you will be added to the author list. From there you can create posts through WP which allows you to include pictures, nice text formating, video, audio, etc. (hence the “Pretty Lady”). The moderators (which consists of Andy and myself) will then publish the posts once you submit them for review.
  2. “Plain Jane” Option– If you don’t want to create a WP username account, then you have the option of emailing the post to for the moderators to copy and paste onto the blog. This is the best route to go if you are going to have text-only posts.

We look forward to your submissions!


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