Avatars in Peril

Illinois Republican Congressman Mark Kirk has proposed banning Second Life access in schools and libraries, citing concerns over minors accessing explicit content. The articles notes that the ALA is strongly opposed, and while I didn’t see a statement specifically opposing the Second Life proposal, ALA has consistently opposed attempts at legislation that would ban library-based access to social networking sites.


2 Responses to Avatars in Peril

  1. Becky says:

    What about Teen SL? From my understanding, the under-agers have their own SL to play with. Then again, it is easy to claim to be an adult.

  2. slisit says:

    I would guess the people proposing this legislation aren’t particularly subtle in their understanding of SL. After all, when something like SL is manifestly pure evil, why try to understand it?

    I certainly understand their concern, but it seems to me better handled through local and library policy than national legislation. I think Congress has more important things to worry about, though the things they ought to be worrying about are really hard to solve and won’t make easy political hay.

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