The beautiful thing about library geeks is that are often also tech
geeks.   And what’s geekier than a metasearch engine that focuses on
library blogs?  So much so that my geekdar went off the map when I
first visited this site.  And at first I just stared at the thing
wondering “why would I want to search library blogs?  I mean, I have
my own private collection of blogs that I follow, but I why would I
want to search for information from a source as unauthoritative as a

However, I took the plunge and entered a search for “library 2.0”.
The tool worked its magic and yielded dozens of results on the topic,
including a series of responses to individual posts.   I was
immediately sucked in by the dialogue going back and forth in the
blogosphere.  This tool puts the discussion happening in the library
geek trenches (err..stacks?) at the reader’s fingertips with a minimal
amount of effort.

I suppose the only thing geekier than making this tool would be
appreciating this tool and using it to read about tech savy
librarian’s commentary on issues in the field.



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