What is RSS?

Those who are new to RSS, blogs, and feed readers may want to take a look through this guide at the Ebling Library web site.


2 Responses to What is RSS?

  1. slisit says:

    Speaking of RSS, there is a page on the SLIS Library site that displays RSS feeds from featured library-related blogs- http://slislib.library.wisc.edu/rssfeeds/ . (Sorry, shameless plug!)

    Also a good place to start when looking to feed your feed reader some library goodness is http://liszen.com/ . The website lists over 700 library blogs, ranging from technology to reference to, well, everything else. Worth a look.


  2. Rebecca Holz says:

    We’re actually looking at updating and trimming that overview down a bit (too text-heavy, no?), so please do pass along any suggestions you might have for improvements.

    To follow up on Becky’s comment, y’all might be interested in LibWorm, another nice source of LIS RSS :

    ~Rebecca (Ebling Library)

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